In this weeks super long and strong 10th episode, to commemorate the 500th time our podcast has been downloaded by the WORLD, we go simply RED on your ass.  No, nothing at all to do with Mick Hucknall, although we are treated to a  special guest reporting on notable ginger Prince Harry. We're talking politics, baby!

We start off with a tradional life update, and once we've got the standard niceties out of the way, we whip into Jono's recent trip to see Professor Harry Glasbeek launch his book Capitalism: A Crime Story.  In traditional Jono form he doesn't really engage with the concepts, but has a lot to say about Harry's peformance.  What a loveable dope Jono is.  A class A dope!

We then find out about Jono's own personal socialist utopian experiences, at the Burning Man festival.  A particularly famous tent gets a through working over, as the boys unpack unprotected sex orgies for people with herpies.  FUN!

After Dorje brings the tone down a notch or two with his customary penchant for all things crass, we move into our review of the week, the excellent The Death of Stalin.

Just when it looks like we will get through the week without a guest caller, Rupert from Riverview gives the guys a bell for his take on The Royal Wedding.  Things go a little sidewise when he takes issue with the Socialist inclinations of the podcast and launches into a spirited attack on Jono and percieved hypocrisies.  He finished with some decidely conservative view points, that sound a little too close to Breibart for comfort. 

Jono comes home strong with his Belligerent Burns for the week, a recent gig he attended featuring the rather disappointing performer Iron & Wine, who railed against his audience for being lacklustre and lacking in enthusiasm.

Get your political fix this week, as the boys give you the REAL issues, with real DEPTH and very little clarity or maturity.  Guaranteed.



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