Peeps, we are back....after an extended hiatus due to Dorje completing his customary treading of the theatrical boards for the year.  

The big coup de gras this week is we are revealing three, yes THREE BIG FOOL DISCLOSURES in ONE episode.  Three absolute howizters, featuring big names like Drew Barrymore, John Cornell and Delvene Delaney.

This weeks focus is all about Unwanted Advances, and all three disclosures link in with the theme, but we don't want to give too much away...

We open with our customary catch up on all things Melbourne and Sydney in Jono and Dorj's life, including a disgusting Snapchat that has been going the rounds, before ripping straight into The Drew Barrymore Fool Disclosure from Hollywood 2010.

We then hear from Jono as he fills us in with his new Kanye West album review, complete with the Pusha T and Drake dis tracks scandal. 

From there we head to India and Varanasi for an Unwanted Advance that almost ended in disaster in a very TAKEN like disclosure from Dorje, without a Liam Neeson in sight.

And we finish with Jono's Fool Disclosure of the week, when he just could't keep his hands off the shoulders of a certain distinguished Australian national treasure.  

It's all about advances you'd prefer hadn't have happened, as we emphasise the importance of context and consent, in this weeks Triple Crown epsiode, where you get more bang for your hour than ever before.

Getty Up Fool Fans!




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