We're back with another bumper episode!  This one's all about showing the love to our Fool Fans!

We begin with some shout outs to some of our loyal fans, and then move onto Jono's Fool Disclosure of being brutalised twice while trying to catch the last stages of the World Cup.  Dorje share's his own recent exposure to some Newtown Left Wing Racists, and we smoothly move into our review for the week, the horror film Hereditary.

After the boys lock horns over the film, we move onto Dorje's Fool Disclosure of the week, involving acting in a play, the mistaken identity of a jet lighter, an actress he was enamoured with, being backstage, and trying to mask his less than pleasant body odour before his on stage entrance.  It has all the key ingredients of a ripper tale!

Jono tries to explain the term BDE which is currently doing the rounds, and finally we receive a call from Rickard Dickens from Canada who breaks it down in far more (or less) detail, much to Dorje's dismay.

Tuck in Fool Fans, this episode is full of thrills and spills, so come get your fill(s)!

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