After some technical issues (thanks for the heads up foolfans Mr Gilroy and Mr Mcleish) we're back with a real humdinger!  Star of stage and screen Zahra Newman takes a break from starring in the broadway smash The Book of Mormon to talk to us about race, sex and faecal matter!  

We get down and dirty and, in traditional style, Dorje and Jono can't resist sharing their own Fool Disclosure's once Zahra brings out her nuggets of gold.  Some notable highlights include the "Where's Your Buddha Now?"  story and of course Jono's hilarious chapter of "Dating On The Squirts" featuring a French damsel and a canoe.

There's plenty of controversy and critique as we talk casting in Australia and racial prejudice, but once Zahra winds up and let's loose, we fire up (or is it down?) the laughs like only This Podcast can.  

Enjoy Fool Fans!  Another star unpacks their personal diary of shame,  all for your ears only...


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