In a bumper issure of Fool Disclosure we start with Jono's luddite abitlites, and find out the latest on Dorje's Audi which has been at the mechanic for 6 months.  We also learn about Dorje's new pet sitting blues.

Jono spills on his cousin Tim Burns and his scathing review of Fool Discosure, which ends with a Trump heavy to Stormy Daniels style death threat from his cousin.

In our "In The News" segment we learn about the latest from the ball tampering saga, and Dorje gives his opinion on how it is merely a direct result of inherent problems with the mentatlity of Australian Cricket.  We look at Cricket and Sportpeople who represents us as a nation, and who we would like to have a beer with, if any, and consider the connection between sports, ocd and psychopaths. 

In Jono's "It's An Outrage" segment he unleashes on bar service in Melbourne, and the Anti-Service he regularly is forced to endure from hipsters trying way to hard to be cool, by treating paying customers like shit.

Our movie review of the week is Soulman, the blackface 80's film in Jono's dvd collection.  Unsuprisingly it hasn't aged well.

Our radio play of the month is a Tim Winton style parody piece, again exploring toxic Australian Masculinity.

Dorje delivers his issues with much of Winton's work and those who enjoy it, which segways into his Fool Disclosure of the week, that involved him being brutalised for a week on an all male Outward Bound trip when he was a teenager.
We decide next weeks episode will exlpore the Alpha male and will feature a film review of renowned alpha Mel Gibson and his year 2000 blockbuster "What Woman Want"

Finally in our weekly Sports segment, we hear Jono has been roped into another year of Essendon AFL membership and Dorje succesfully predicts Fremantle will beat Essendon in round 2.

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