Mirror Mirror on the Wall, who is the most Alpha of them all?  In this week's episode, we start with an update on Dorje's Dog-sit, the lastest from The Melbourne Comedy Festival, and a full review of the year 2000 rom-com "What Woman Want" starring Mega Alpha Papa Man Mel Gibson.

We talk about the complex relationship between offence and comedy in the modern age.  We find out Jono's Fool Disclosure for the week almost ended in a big ol' T-bagging from a Tasmanian Strong Man.

We tuck into an inside scoop on renowned Aussie Alpha Wayne Carey in New York.   In a special treat, we host a surprise guest appearance from the biggest Alpha King of them all, none other than Vladimir Putin.  

We also hear about Dorje's close shave with a Russian Mafia leader. 

In this week's Belligerent Burns, it's all about his palpable disgust with a Melbourne park litterbug.  Such disgust, it seems, has often led Jono to having to extricate himself from rather sticky situations.

Dorje also (over)shares that to many, including his girlfriend, he has habits which are remniscient of an alien.

It's our "Ego is Not a Dirty Word" episode, so get your guilty pleasure fill before next week's decidely more feminine offering.


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