In this week's episode, we lead off with some basketball, before we discuss the problem with guys seeing girls as objects or being from some other planet.  We look at the way some tech guys and jocks talk about women, and discuss how in order to make genuine connections with people numbers and games are counterproductive.     In Dorje's film review of the week, he looks at the classic film noir, The Postman Always Rings Twice.  We learn about the latest with Tony Parker the street cat, and are treated to Jono's Whinge of the Week; The Backpack Kid and his stupid dance.  Dorje derides Jono for his lack of current pop culture nous, and points to the new yodeling Hank Williams inspired sensation, The Wallmart Kid.  Finally, in this weeks epic dual Fool Disclosure, we find out about the infamous Secret Garden Up The Bottom Disaster.


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