In this week's bumper Mother's Day Edition we're kicking it old school.

We talk Gold Coast weddings at 6am, high school shame, primary school tears and we unpack our old lunchboxes.  There's dackings and piss stories and all the best high brow comedy we are now almost famous for.

We unveil a School themed jingle which sounds a bit like something you've heard before but sufficiently different and crap enought to avoid copyright infringement.

In this weeks Belligerent Burns we talk telecommunications fails over the phone to Manila.

We run through Kanye West's latest faux pas, and get a suprise call from Rupert the Rapper from Riverview.    We  are treated to a short review of the Handmaid's Tale, we talk Poker and get an update on the latest solid gold gags from the boys.  We also reminisce about some less than classic pranks and tomfoolery from school.  If you feel like getting well and truly schooled, this is your episode.

See you in the pod, punks.


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