The Boys are Back and pushing the envelope further than ever before.

Jono starts with a retraction, which quickly becomes an update on the artist formally known as Kate Fischer.  We follow up with a look at the week in news as the Ross Lyon and Bomber Thompson AFL coaching scandal stories hit the national media outlets.

Jono then fills us in on his recent school camp, and we find out things rapidly went downhill for a particular student, much to Jono's dismay.

Dorje shares his own experience with damaging a small child.  It's as bad as it sounds, unfortunately, and involves the sometimes rather ugly side of the world of film and tv.

That leads us our film review of the week, the classic 1993 Mystery/Drama/Comedy Six Degrees of Seperation.

Dorje's Adult Camping Story involves a music festival in Victoria, and an unfortunate beginning to a past relationship. You could almost say the writing was on the wall.

Jono unpacks another case of him being a general menace to society, this time on his way back from a camp, and involving some poor unsuspecting senior citizens.

And we finish this weeks rollicking camping escapades with a new mystery caller, who hails from Rockingham, Western Australia.  He even treats us to a decidely Dylan-esque, suprisingly angelic and deep musical exploration of an unusual and very niche theme, involving a look at the faces of AFL footballers from a bygone era.

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