Jono and Dorje met at the age of 25 when working together as actors for Bell Shakespeare Theatre Company, touring Australia. They quickly established a rapport and the rest, as they say, is history. 


After sharing many trips overseas and numerous other gigs, they have chosen to document their hilarious failures on stage and screen, in private and in public, all for your listening pleasure. 

You can find out about more of Dorje's work at dorjeswallow.com, but we advise you not to bother.  It's just voice over this, director that, actor this.  You don't get any of the juicy details we tease out in our podcast.  There is no evidence of the human trainwreck we are unraveling week in week out on his stupid self promoting website.

Jono can be found in hospitals and schools making children laugh across Melbourne:


We are hoping people over the age of 12 still find him amusing, but we are yet to get a definitive answer.  We'll let you be the judge.  We trust these tales of his failings as an adult will bring you some mirth, although we understand his state of perennial arrested development may be a source of frustration to all. 


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